Terms of Use

The website https://crayonvibes.com/ is copyrighted by Crayon vibes. Some features on this site may have additional rules and terms. These overarching terms cover your use of the website.

Access & Use:

  • You are granted limited access for personal, non-commercial use.
  • Do not exploit, alter, or recreate any part of the website. Don’t use it to create a competing site.
  • If you reproduce any part of the website, maintain all copyright notices.
  • Crayon vibes might modify, pause, or close the website. They aren’t responsible for any impact this might have on you.
  • The company isn’t obligated to support or maintain the site.

Intellectual Property: Except for user-provided content, Crayon vibes or its suppliers own all intellectual property rights in the website.

User Content:

  • Users can submit content to the website.
  • You’re responsible for what you submit.
  • Your submissions must adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • By submitting, you grant Crayon vibes rights to use and share your content.
  • Feedback to the company is non-confidential and can be used unrestrictedly.

Acceptable Use: You cannot use the site to:

  • Infringe rights, promote hate, harm minors, or break laws.
  • Introduce harmful software.
  • Spam.
  • Collect data without consent.
  • Overburden the website.
  • Unauthorized site access.
  • Harass others.

Violations can result in actions like content removal, account termination, or legal action.

Third Parties & Other Users:

  • The site may have third-party links/advertisements. Crayon vibes isn’t responsible for these.
  • Users are responsible for their content. The company isn’t accountable for interactions between users.

Cookies & Ads:

  • Crayon vibes uses cookies to enhance user experience.
  • Google uses DART cookies to show ads. You can opt-out.


  • The website is offered “as-is”.
  • No guarantees about the website’s uninterrupted availability or freedom from errors.


  • Crayon vibes’s maximum liability is $50.
  • You’re responsible for any risks associated with your use of the site.

Termination: Crayon vibes can suspend or terminate your use for violating these terms.

Copyright: Respect copyrights. If you believe someone is infringing on copyright, contact us with details.

Note: This is a summarized version of the original terms. Ensure you understand the full terms before agreeing.


General The Terms may be updated periodically. If significant changes are made, you’ll be notified either via email or through a notice on the website. Ensure your email address with us is current. If your email isn’t valid, the notice on our website still counts as valid notification. Changes are effective 30 days after notification for existing users and immediately for new users. If you keep using the site after changes, it implies your acceptance of these changes.

Dispute Resolution Be aware of this Arbitration Agreement:

  • Arbitration Use: If disagreements arise related to the Terms or our services/products that can’t be settled informally or in a small claims court, they’ll be resolved via binding individual arbitration. All arbitration will be in English and the agreement includes everyone connected to the Company and its services/products.
  • Preliminary Steps: Before seeking arbitration, you must first send a detailed written notice of the dispute to the Company in Kathmandu, Nepal. If there’s no resolution within 30 days, either party can start arbitration.
  • Arbitration Mechanics: Arbitration will generally be via the American Arbitration Association (AAA) unless they’re unavailable. The arbitration is governed by the AAA rules unless they conflict with the Terms. The procedure details can be found online and the process will involve a neutral single arbitrator.
  • Arbitration Cost: Each party handles its arbitration costs, sharing the fees of the arbitration provider.
  • Conduct: Non-appearance based arbitrations are done remotely, unless both parties decide on personal appearances. Arbitrations must be initiated within legal time limits.
  • Arbitrator’s Power: The arbitrator’s decisions will be final and binding. They have the authority to provide the same solutions as a court would.
  • No Jury or Class Actions: You agree to not have disputes heard in front of a jury or on a class action basis.
  • Privacy: Arbitration proceedings are confidential.
  • Agreement’s Validity: If parts of this agreement are found unlawful, the rest remains in effect.
  • Duration and Exceptions: This agreement remains valid even after ending your association with the Company. However, some claims (e.g., copyright issues) aren’t covered by this agreement. In some cases, local courts in California can be approached.
  • Export Laws: Don’t break U.S. export laws when using the website.
  • Company’s Location: The Company is located as mentioned in Section 10.8. California residents can reach out to the local Department of Consumer Affairs for complaints.
  • Electronic Interactions: You agree that interactions with the Company can be electronic and that they have the same legal weight as traditional written ones.
  • Agreement’s Completeness: This is our full agreement regarding site usage. You’re an independent user of the site, not a partner or agent. While you can’t transfer your obligations under these terms, the Company can. Everyone the terms are passed on to is bound by them.
  • Intellectual Property: The content and marks on the Site are protected by copyright and trademark laws. Unauthorized use of trademarks and logos is prohibited.