About Us

Hello vibrant souls!

I’m Cassandra, the passionate color enthusiast behind CrayonVibes.com. I’ve always believed that every hue holds a story, and every coloring page is an unwritten tale waiting to come alive.

My journey with colors began as a young girl when I’d spend hours lost in the vivid world of coloring books. Those early moments, filling the pages with bursts of blues, radiant reds, and gleaming greens, were where my dreams began. They weren’t just pages; they were doorways to universes of creativity and imagination.

Over the years, my hobby evolved into a passionate pursuit. But it wasn’t just about coloring – it was about connecting. With every shade I laid down, I felt connected to the world around me, and I realized the therapeutic power colors held. Be it after a tiring day of adulting or a serene Sunday afternoon, coloring became my solace.

Apart from my love for colors, I cherish long hikes, indulging in home-baked treats, and dancing like nobody’s watching (sometimes in my living room with my two mischievous cats, Whiskers and Luna). When I’m not sketching or coloring, you might find me exploring a new trail, camera in hand, capturing the natural hues of the world. Family means the world to me, and as a proud mother of two bubbly kids, I adore our little coloring sessions, which often end in giggles and vibrant masterpieces.

CrayonVibes.com is more than just a platform; it’s a reflection of my life’s passions. It’s my attempt to sprinkle a bit of color and joy into your lives. Whether you’re a parent looking for a fun activity with your child, an adult seeking a therapeutic escape, or simply someone wanting to reignite their childhood passion, I’ve crafted these pages with love and care, just for you.

Thank you for being a part of this vibrant community. Let’s color the world with love, one page at a time!

Stay colorful,

Cassandra Morgan